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I brought my off the track thoroughbred, Gandalf, to Chinook Winds Equestrian in December of 2014. At the time, he was 700 lbs underweight, lame, and had a pretty sketchy history of abuse from the track, the chuck wagons and some owners in between. He was, essentially, not safe. At that point, I had also been in an accident with him and had ended up with a few broken ribs and a collapsed lung, so I had my own fear issues to overcome. At the time I brought him to CWE, my plan was to get him healthy and trained to a point where I could sell him to a more experienced rider so he didn’t end up back where I got him from – the meat truck.

Fast forward a year later and he is healthy, sound, and a wonderful ride. Tina and her team have gotten him to a point where he is predictable and safe to ride. Tina and her team also helped me to overcome my own fear issues that arose after my accident, and now I can’t imagine selling my Mooseface. I can’t say enough great things about CWE – Tina has extensive knowledge in equine nutrition, as well as a strong training philosophy, and me and my Gandalf would not be where we are today without the program Tina put us both on. The icing on the cake is an awesome team of peers who are friendly, kind and caring. I love this barn. 

From Erin Furlong

Horses here have shiny coats and bright eyes

We pride ourselves on offering a top notch nutritional program. Our feed regimen is based on the latest scientific research identifying equine nutritional needs and analyzed by a computer program developed in the University of Guelph Equine Nutrition course.

"I can’t say enough
great things about
​Chinook Winds, Tina has extensive knowledge in equine nutrition, as well
as a strong training philosophy "​

In the picture above, the left side is Gandalf in December 2014, 
and a picture on the right is taken in summer 2015 (6 months later).

What a difference boarding him at Chinook Winds made!

Other care

There is a solid healthcare program in effect. Horses are dewormed every 3 months with rotating products, a great farrier provides hoof care and all horses are expected to be up to date on all vaccinations.

Chinook Winds ensures great effort is taken so that your equine athlete has the level of care they deserve!


Horses can have private paddock turnout, although most horses are turned out into larger turn outs in small groups to allow physical exercise as well as socialization with their ‘herd’ for mental health. Horses typically go out from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, weather permitting. Following a regular routine as much as possible is crucial to reduce stress and anxiety in horses.


​Hay is fed in the morning before grain, to allow the fibre to enter the digestive tract first. This not only reduces the risk of colic, but also allows for the most efficient digestion and absorption of nutrients. Horses not in a ‘diet’ field have access to good quality round bale hay with slow feed nets, those in private paddocks and ‘diet’ fields get hay in their turn out when they go out, as well as at lunch. The horses’ dinner hay is fed in a slow feed net allowing a longer ‘grazing’ time, relieving boredom in the stall.
​Additional hay is provided at night check.

Cozy, clean

and comfortable!

We provide excellent care at reasonable rates!