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Farrier Bookings

We schedule regular visits with our excellent farrier.  Horses are expected to be seen by him every 6 weeks for optimum health and performance. 


We schedule all vaccinations which are done by our veterinarian.  In order to reduce the chances of reactions to vaccinations, and to isolate the cause of such reactions, vaccinations are completed March, April and May.  Horses teeth are also checked at this time with the owner being advised as to whether they should be done that spring, in the fall or wait another year. 

A total health
care approach

Our horses enjoy a variety of options for their total health care needs. We schedule visits for the clients so as to divide the call out charge among all the horses being seen.


Chinook Winds facilitates treatments with a range of care providers. Chiropractice adjustments, acupunture, massage therapy, sports therapy aren't just for the riders! Horses benefit the same way we do from these treatments. Regular veterinary services and examinations can also be administered by our trusted veterinary service provider. 

Long Term Equestrian
Nutrition and Care 

We pride ourselves on offering a top notch nutritional program. Our feed regimen is based on the latest scientific research identifying equine nutritional needs and analyzed by a computer program developed in the University of Guelph Equine Nutrition course. 

Read more about it in our Horse Boarding section!


Deworming is included in boarding fees. It's done 4 times a year with a rotation of product used each time to prevent parasites becoming resistant to a specific product.  Product used are also specified to parasites that would be found at certain times of year. Each and every horse’s Body Condition Score is recorded during any product application so that we are constantly on top of any changes in nutrition.

Horse Care