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Learn to Ride

Students at Chinook Winds can also participate in Equine Canada's Learn to Ride Program. They earn levels 1-10 through the programs and testing which is usually offered in day camp formats. Higher level tests are conducted at central locations by outside evaluators.  The program includes all as aspects of horsemanship such as:
  • grooming and tacking up 
  • equine nutrition
  • equine first aid


"Think of riding as a science, but love it as an art"  George Morris

Adult lessons - just for fun

We offer adult only lessons and groups for those who are focused on fitness, fun and learning to ride.

​ What can you expect?:

  • Forget the hustle and bustle of busy life - leave it all behind
  • Socialize with other people who value human-horse activities
  • Learn lots of skills that you can take back into your daily lives
  • ​Wine Wednesdays give adult riders an opportunity to relax & chat after their lesson

Long Term Equestrian
​Development Program

We incorporate and adopt philosophies supported by the National Certified coaching program to develop riders in their optimal training windows for various abilities:

Children 5 - 8 years old - FUNdamentals​

Kids in this age group focus on skills like balance, coordination and a positive attitude towards new challenges.

Children 8 - 14 years old 
Older kids and pre-teens continue to develop equestrian skills and are introduced to independent decision making. 

Young Adults 12 - 18 years old
Growing bodies can start to develop strength, suppleness and more complicated skills. 

Competition Circuts

The coaches are Chinook Winds work to balance lessons with the variety of show circuits available to students. The number of shows a student will have the opportunity to compete in will depend on the student's level and horse. Circuits students may have the opportunity to go to include:
  • the BRAVE (Beginner Riders and Valued Equines)
  • Novice Rider
  • Rocky Mountain Show Jumping (RMSJ) Developing Riders
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold Equine Canada sanctioned shows including Spruce Meadows

Meet Tina!

Tina Wagner, the head coach at Chinook Winds have over 30 years of teaching and riding experience. Her philosophy, which is what makes Chinook Winds a special environment, is the emphasis on the need for the horse to develop trust in the rider and self-confidence.  If a horse feels confident in its ability, it will be willing to approach new situations (such as an unusual jump) without worrying about it.  

She is also a trainer for high school students taking the Green Certificate program for Equine Production Technician facilitated through Old's College. Students taking this program test significantly higher than the average. The students are required to work in the stable to learn and complement required aspects of the program.

Riding lessons teach life-long lessons

We offer lessons from beginners to A Circuit competition with coaches and instructors who are hand-picked based on experience, philosophy and teaching style. There is no requirement for students to compete but we encourage trying a fun show for experience and development.

Lessons should be fun!

This is the best way for a rider to develop their abilities and skills. Our goal is to encourage positive development of the entire individual from attaining skills, learning the joy of human-horse partnership to self-confidence. 

Whether the student is training to win, or looking for a way to stay active and enjoy riding for life, this is a solid benefit to the lesson program we offer.

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