"A real caring coach
who goes above and beyond "

Before Tina I was struggling in the show ring and had hit a real plateau.
I have 15 years of competitive experience and had no confidence to jump a cross pole -
and even considered selling my gorgeous horse. When I started training with Tina my confidence stepped up rapidly. 

By my third lesson I was happily piloting my green horse through a devil's {expletive} and table top.
Tina is different from other hunter/jumper trainers in that she has a high level of knowledge in dressage and will incorporate flatwork the right way to strengthen both the horse and rider.
Good with any personality type - she knows just how far to push you without pushing too far.

A real caring coach who goes above and beyond and always has your best interest in mind.
She even let me jump her personal show horse as a step to getting my confidence back.
Tina keeps up to date by attending coaches clinics and taking rider psychology courses.

From Claire Reid

The goal is to develop a horse so that it can be successfully ridden by a junior or amateur rider in years to come.  

"She teaches the kids
to properly care for their horses"

Tina Wagner has been an excellent coach to her kids over the years and inspired a life
time passion for riding in my daughter. She teaches the kids to properly care for their horses and how to do all the aspects of becoming a good rider....not just getting on and being a passenger! Thumbs up for Tina and Chinook Winds.

​From Karla and Shelby D

Philosophy and Program

Tina emphasizes the need for the horse to develop trust in the rider and self-confidence.  If a horse feels confident in its ability, it will be willing to approach new situations (such as an unusual jump) without worrying about it.  Asked what is the most important requirement for a horse to be successful, her reply was “most importantly a horse has to love its job.  If a horse doesn’t like to jump, it won’t be an amazing jumper.  It may excel in another discipline, which we may then want to move its training towards.”

With a training program focused on developing the horse physically and mentally, to prepare it for competition, it is intended for the horse to have positive first experiences in the show ring.  Tina’s program is geared towards long term success, not just getting immediate results at the expense of the horse’s future.

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"A horse has to love it's job"

Chinook Winds Equestrian Center head trainer Tina Wagner has over 30 years of riding and training experience.  She has ridden under esteemed coaches such as Jim Lfko (show jumping), Frank Salinger (show jumping), Vale Hellerud (dressage) and Nadeem Ayoob (dressage). 

From her first horse, Tina has always bought green horses, trained and competed on them and then sold them for more money to buy a better quality horse. Because she never had the money to buy ‘made’ horses, she developed a program and philosophy in which horses become the best they can be.
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